The Number One Nail Polish To Wear On Wednesdays

The number one polish to wear on Wednesdays is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the throat chakra, our communication center and Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet, the day for all types of communication. Whether it be returning emails, writing essays, or making sales calls, all are a form of self-expression and communication. However, when Mercury is in Retrograde, there's miscommunication, people argue over nonsense, plans change without warning, and friends stand you up. Mercury enters retrograde when it passes Earth in its orbit around the sun. Mercury slows down and appears to stop and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it isn't going in reverse, but it creates the optical illusion that it is and can create tumultuous energies into the daily lives of those on Earth. Lapis Lazuli is also an excellent polish to wear during this time as it helps support authentic communication and ensures that you are heard and understood.



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