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Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish

Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish
Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish
Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish
Product image 1Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish
Product image 2Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish
Product image 3Clear Quartz -The Intuition Polish - Roxx Polish

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Going with your gut or trusting your intuition isn't an easy task, especially for those of us that tend to always second guess ourselves.

Using our minds rather than our feelings to make decisions can leave us disappointed or resentful. If this is one of your struggle’s then surrounding yourself with Clear Quartz is something that you should start incorporating into your daily life.

Clear Quartz is a great crystal when you’re developing your sense of intuition, it's all about receiving clear communication from your inner-self and Clear Quartz does that job beautifully. It's known for bringing clarity to the mind, and we all know that when the mind is quiet and clear, the soul speaks.

So, here's a little story -

I went to go hear this Energy Healer speak years ago, I can't remember his name but one of the things that he said always stuck with me and I thought what he said would fit in well with Intuition and listening to your inner self rather than your thoughts.

His scenario was about first dates but this works for any encounter.

He went on to say that when you go on a first date and your sitting across from that person, make sure to sit with both feet firmly on the ground and your arms by your side, no limbs are crossed.

Don't concentrate so much on what the other person is saying but really concentrate and tune in to how you are feeling from their energy. Do you find yourself being pulled towards them with a calm, open and receptive feeling or do you find yourself wanting to cross your arms and legs and get a feeling of being pulled away from them? Often times we ignore what we are truly feeling and just go on the words of others and ignore our inner self.

To trust your intuition is to trust yourself and you know yourself better than anyone else, sometimes you just have to dig deep. But with stillness and clarity the answers from your Source will point you in the right direction.

**The Clear Quartz ring energizes the crystals inside the polish**
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