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Danburite - The Enlighten Yourself Polish

Danburite  -  The Enlighten Yourself Polish - Roxx Polish

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Enlightenment has been described as a continuous state of absolute peace. At this stage you feel a great sense of well-being, beauty and faith for all of life.

Danburite is a great stone to have around during times of extreme change and will help you during turbulent times. Whenever you think of giving up, Danburite will give you strength to go on, It will liven you up and encourage you to adapt and deal with the difficulties and troubles ahead.

In reality, everything is a chance to acquire knowledge, wisdom, insight, and, eventually, enlightenment. The more you are aware of the spiritual side of all things, the more you are able to disperse and diminish their potential negative aspects.

**The Clear Quartz ring energizes the crystals inside the polish**


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