Green Aventurine Crystal Soap - Prosperity Vegan Soap

Product image 1Green Aventurine Crystal Soap - Prosperity Vegan Soap
Product image 2Green Aventurine Crystal Soap - Prosperity Vegan Soap
Product image 3Green Aventurine Crystal Soap - Prosperity Vegan Soap
Product image 4Green Aventurine Crystal Soap - Prosperity Vegan Soap

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Prosperity Soap - A soap that reminds you to set your intention for putting yourself in the money receiving mode every time you bathe.

Forgetting to do affirmations was the problem I was having, so I developed Third Eye Soap as a reminder to do my affirmations. Turning a soap into a reminder only made sense, since bathing was the only place where I had zero distractions, no phone, no computer, no television, nobody asking me questions. Bathing was my time of solitude. It was a perfect place to set my intentions for the day, to say my affirmations, a time for mini-meditations :)

*Want to become a money magnet?*

Then you need to get serious and change your consciousness and your thinking, to allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through you.

First, examine your attitude and change your narrative; If you are always complaining about how broke you are, all the Universe hears is "I am broke" and it will give you more of that because you are coming from a place a lack. Everything you put "I am" in front of, you become.

It's a must to wholeheartedly believe and feel that you already have everything you want. Write down all the emotions you would feel if you had millions in the bank. Would you think, at ease, relaxed, carefree, happy, satisfied? If so, write these down, or any other words that resonate with you. Have them near and repeat them anytime the feeling of lack starts to surface.

To instantly evaporate a negative thought, train yourself to replace it with a positive thought immediately. For example, You start to think, "I wish I could afford that" Instantly replace that thought with, "I am prosperous, and my bank account is full" or any affirmation that makes you feel good. The more you do this, the more second nature it will become.

When manifesting prosperity, think of it as is if you already ordered a pizza, and you are sitting on your couch relaxing until it arrives.

Giving to others is also essential when you are paving the road to prosperity. When you treat others with respect and generosity, the Universe rewards you at every possible turn.

How to use:
Turn your bath time into your own ritual time; when we bathe, it's relatively distraction-free, which makes it a great time to do your mini-meditation/prosperity visualizations and affirmations. Prosperity affirmations work particularly well alongside Visualization.

While you are holding Prosperity Soap give thanks to all you have.
Be fully present, feel the warmth of the water, the smell of the soap, feel how soft the lather is, the sound of the water.
Once you are centered, start saying your prosperity affirmations and, most important, believe each one as if you already have it. Be in the now. Every time you do this, you get closer to what you want and where you want to be. Consistency is vital.

Prosperity Soap is a reminder that every time you bathe, it's affirmation time. Use it until it's gone. Check-in and take note to write down any unexpected money, money, gifts, or freebies that come your way. During this time, don't complain to others about your finances.

My income is steadily increasing
Things are always working out for me
I am a money magnet
My bank account is full
Opportunities are everywhere

Prosperity Soap is scented with fresh herbal Holy Basil mixed with the citrusy Bergamont.

For thousands of years, Healers have been connecting with plant spirits for particular outcomes. The herbs in these soaps are for a specific result, as well as the crystal.

Plant Spirits & Crystal:
Bay Leaf- Powerful herb that is useful for manifestation and prosperity.
Cloves - Business success.
Green Aventurine - Prosperity, Luck, and Opportunity.

No more mushy soap with soap-on the-rope, hang it in your shower, and the nylon rope won't harbor bacteria.

Take the ritual challenge:
Use Prosperity Soap every day as you repeat your prosperity affirmations until it's finished. During this time, start to take notice of all the amazing things that start to happen. Make sure and give thanks to the Universe when your thoughts start shifting for the better. We would love to hear all about your experiences, whether it be big or small. Please follow and share @thirdeyesoap

Bars are 6-ounces and are kosher, vegan, cruelty-free & gluten-free! They are hand-made and may have some color variations.

Coconut Oil - makes luxurious bubbles
Sustainable Palm Oil - hardens soap and creates a stable lather
Safflower Oil -Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E
Glycerine - Kosher, of vegetable origin
Purified water,
Sodium Hydroxide - (saponifying agent) - helps to hydrolyze the oils, which creates the soaps.
Sorbitol - moisturizer
Propylene Glycol (from vegetable glycerin) It is an alcohol-based emulsifier, helps to blend the oils.
Sorbitan Oleate - Helps to preserve moisture in the soap
Oat Protein - Conditioner, free of gluten-containing contaminants
Essential Oil - Natural Product, usually comes from exacting the oils from a fruit, nut, flower, or plant.
Fragrance oil-fragrance oil is humanmade. This does not mean it is harmful or unsafe. All our fragrance oils meet CA Prop 65 standards. None of our fragrance manufacturers test on animals.
Mica - Are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient
Eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter - plastic-based glitter has a known impact on marine life. We only use earth-friendly glitters
Herbs- Organic and Cleansed

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Propylene Glycol (from vegetable glycerin), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Oat protein (conditioner)

Prosperity Soap is based on herb properties found in books and traditions.
The herbs/spices don't contain any preservatives and may turn brown in the soap, but this doesn't affect the overall quality of our handmade bars.
Certain essential oils or herbs may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.
Warning: If pregnant, please check if herbs/spices may be a health issue before using.
Caution: Crystals and herbs may be a choking hazard for small children.
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